OUR MISSION:  Feel good knowing that we use only the finest wheat and flour from the Local Intermountain Region.  GREAT BREAD - GREAT PRICE !

We sell our products at lower prices than normal for the single purpose of giving everyone an opportunity to purchase healthy bread at an affordable price. You won't see us in major ads or giant price wars where the mass-produced stuff ends up. But you will find our bread at a great price with great ingredients, great taste and NO WEIRD ADDITIVES.


I, Rob Thomas of Kaysville, Utah have always considered good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle to be of utmost importance on our journey through life. Even as a small boy I would eat things like asparagus, spinach, fruits, wheat breads and anything else my Mother told me was good for me. As I matured, I noticed how eating habits really seem to affect a person’s health and well being in every aspect of life. As I spent time in Australia in the 1980’s on a mission for my church, I noticed even more the diversity of cultures and foods that had so much a part of people’s lives and longevity. I was able to help teach others about caring for their body and soul through the way they lived.

What's In It?

The Granny’s Delight breads are baked with only premium quality Intermountain Region and Montana wheat. All of our breads are Dairy-Free, No eggs and No Preservatives!! Our High-Fiber Whole Wheat bread continues to have 6 Grams of fiber per slice and yes, it is still sawdust-free. We continue to use the 98% pure wheat or oat fiber concentrate to get the 6 grams per slice in the whole wheat bread, despite the massive expense compared to cheap fiber.

Granny's Delight: Published in 1702 in Playford's "Dancing Master" sup. to 11th ed. Thanks to ABCNOTATION.com